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Writers’ Dash: March, 2016


Morning Dash

1. in like a lion 2. oh, the places you’ll go 3. the work at hand 4. medal of honor 5. Describe an alien planet and how humans would survive there.
6. Write 500 words on how you stopped a thief. 7. flags of our fathers 8. little buddy 9. jungle road 10. going my way
11. overpowering ambition 12. Write a story about space travel. 13. Research for 30 mins (your choice, but make it count for your WIP). 14. man of value 15. intellectual  freedom
16. the great road 17. Luck of the Irish 18. rogue river 19. Write a scene involving an escaped murderer. 20. Choose three items from your kitchen drawer and write about them.
21. musical offering 22. rough rider 23. sudden fear 24. escape artist 25. stuck in the middle with you
26. Write about an historical character. 27. Write a tender love scene. 28. wild kingdom 29. man 0′ war 30. starry starry night
31. long black veil

Evening Dash

1. above and beyond 2. the reputation of an honest man 3. the mother of all people 4. do it right 5. Write a short story with an alternative history.
6. Write about an evil historical character. 7. the greatest blessing 8. grovel to none 9. smoke another one 10. on the line
11. pure applesauce 12. Write a scene involving an unfriendly ghost. 13. Write for 30 mins about a stay in hospital. 14. ruthless people 15. man of courage
16. dead run 17. kiss the blarney stone 18. fractured fairy tales 19. Write a diary entry. 20.  the jilted bride
21. suburban handicap 22. pied piper 23. the man on the ferry 24. street smarts 25. devotion to duty
26. Choose three items from your bedroom drawer and write about them. 27. Research ancient methods of dyeing fabric for 30 mins. 28. the greatest game 29. the man who never was 30. show boat
31. extraordinary heroism

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