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Writers’ Dash: January 2016


Morning Dash

1. a cry for help 2. a case of nerves 3. all for one 4. on point 5. the blink of an eye
6. a piece of advice 7. the book of love 8. fine for now 9. one-on-one 10. the sting of the lash
11. an act of faith 12. a breath of fresh air 13. gone for good 14. on the ball 15. a pang of remorse
16. the shadow of a doubt 17. a friend of the family 18. all for naught 19. on your mark 20. a bit of a fix
21. hope of retrieval 22. for the love of God 23. left for dead 24. on your honor 25. sight of a familiar face
26. a look of scorn 27. in the nick of time 28. lost forever 29. get on with it 30. sound of a friendly voice
31. a shot in the dark

Evening Dash

1. a note of thanks 2. a piece of cake 3. free from worry 4. off the wall 5. a taste of victory
6. an air of derision 7. the hand of fate 8. safe from harm 9. off alone 10. shadow of a smile
11. the kiss of death 12. the edge of the world 13. out from under 14. off by a hair 15. fresh coat of paint
16. the next of kin 17. in spite of it all 18. recalled from memory 19. off your oats 20. a gleam in the eye
21. the sight of home 22. for the sake of modesty 23. sent from above 24. off the cuff 25. a barrel of monkeys
26. a sigh of relief 27. a hint of humor 28. seen from a distance 29. off and on 30. a fox in the henhouse
31. a pebble in a pond

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